Electronics & Communication Engineering Laboratories

In the fields of Electronics & Communication Engineering, laboratory learning is a major component. The Department is well equipped with laboratories which cover all areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering ranging from Basic, Analog Electronics and Digital Laboratories to Communication (analog, digital) and Advanced Communication System as well as Antenna, DSP, VLSI & EDA Design Laboratories. These laboratories have been developed to a high standard of design and safety, and provide an excellent environment for students to carry out their experimental works. Emphasis and importance is given on intensive Laboratory and Project works in the curriculum. The curriculum offers a good flexibility for innovative experiments which we try to meet at the best of our level, which motivates and encourages the student to explore their skills within. Upon graduation, students will have the opportunity for careers in a wide and varied range of industries from state enterprises to private organizations. The faculty of the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering strives to educate and train the students in a technically sound and challenging manner in order to achieve the PEO goals.


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