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Swami Vivekananda did rightly observe that one who lives for others alone is alive, and those who live for themselves are more dead than alive.  Application to Humanities in Engineering Institution donates that attitude which enables the engineer to live for others instead of living for his own self.

 The role of humanities in engineering curriculum needs to be observed through two main perspectives, which are:
•    The nature of humanities subjects in  engineering curriculum ; and
•    Proportional allocation of engineering curriculum to humanities.

The nature of humanities and also social sciences, which are to be incorporated into engineering courses, must be relevant to workplace discourses in which the engineering profession is embedded.
To be frank and honest in this present global scenario to become a successful engineer or a successful professional one must always be a good and effective communicator. To fulfill this vision the Dept. of HU of BIET, Suri is involved in teaching and training.

The following responsibilities that we prepare and serve for our students from our dept.:
a)    The humanities prepare you to fulfill your civic and cultural responsibilities.
b)    Studying the humanities allows you to become familiar with and use the creative ideas from great minds outside of science.
c)    The state- of- the-art scientific knowledge and techniques you learn in college have a limited shelf life; mastering the humanities provides tools for extending it.
d)     Humanities study strengthens your ability to communicate and work with others. It helps you understand the impact that science, technology, and medicine has had on society and understand the future scientific needs of society.
e)    Students can benefit from advice on which courses to take.
f)    Interdisciplinary learning adds value to one’s degree. The walls that exist among disciplines has been lowered and students can move across disciplines more freely.
g)    Humanities study teaches you that the supposedly sharp dichotomies that separate science from humanities do not really exist.

Humanities Dept. of BIET is committed towards this above goal. The department comprises of well-qualified & trained faculties and a well-equipped Language laboratory with a plan-document library. Hence we have started “Soft Skill Development Programme” that is conducted jointly every time at our campus by our well-trained and reputed internal and external experts. In this way the Humanities in Engineering helps turn a technical education into an expansively human one.