Information Technology

Teacher-in-Charge : Mr. Nilim Sarkar
Phone No: 9434581764
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Information Technology may be considered as a specialized branch of Computer Science and Engineering. This specialized branch has become so vast that it is not possible to cover the courses within a short span and hence a four years’ course curriculum have been designed for turning out graduates with B.Tech Degree in Information Technology.

               Even during Nineteen Seventies the cost of computer was so high, even for limited speed, that its utilities were not felt by general public. During those days use of computers was limited mainly for the numerical calculations of mathematical and scientific problems and structural etc. design. With the advent of VLSI and with its microprocessor chips the price of high speed computers has come within the common reach. A computer can now be used not only for the purpose of computations but also for e-commerce, Desktop publications, etc. As multi-media a computer has the capacity to record and reproduce digital sound, still photographs and video. Image processing is also done through computers.         

               Information, which a computer has to deal with, may be in the form of data from the residents of a hotel for billing etc. purpose or the data regarding seat vacancies for the purpose of reservation in the railways. An Engineer in Information Technology may have to deal with banking information or with the world wide library and publication network. Much will depend on the method adopted for the collection and utilization as data be it for our own planet or for some other heavenly bodies. The subject of Information Technology is very vast and it is developing very rapidly for meeting the increasing need of the people. Information Technology has come as a revolution in China where there is a great employment opportunities for technical manpower in Information Technology.

               In USA the quantum of business in Information Technology became almost equal to that in the automobile industry. In Germany, immigration policies are being revised to get people trained in Information technology for meeting the greater demand for Manpower in IT field. In India also we are finding a great revolution in which within a decade there will be a great demand for trained manpower in Information technology. Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology is equipped for training of students in Computer Science and Engineering along with Information Technology. VSAT & lease line internet connections have already been obtained and there is 24 hours connectivity with the internet. A modern network laboratory has been set up in collaboration with CISCO.