Electronics & Comm. Engineering


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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering aims at creating quality engineers with sound technical knowledge and awareness of the latest advancements in existing and emerging technologies. The curriculum of the affiliating university guides the departmental main academic programmes, with a special emphasis on the fundamentals of electronics and communication engineering so that students have a strong foundation in the subject matter. The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to choose recent, advanced, or current important modules as electives, allowing them to understand and develop their technical knowledge while also achieving the PEO goals.

               The department has well-qualified faculty members with a profound knowledge in their respective fields. The technical staff members of the Department have a strong sense of ethical and professional responsibilities. The department has different hardware and software laboratories such as communication, microwave, signal processing, VLSI, analog and digital electronics, control systems, and instrumentation, which are equipped with expensive and most advanced apparatus as well as the latest software tools and platforms. Apart from the Institutional Central Library, the department has its own library with an ample number of text books and reference books which help the students throughout their semesters.