Electrical Engineering

Teacher-In-Charge: Mr. Pralay Majumdar
Contact No: +91-7029630952 / 9474613415
eMail-ID: [email protected]

The course curricula for the electrical engineering is quite heavy, in view of fact that it is the original branch which also nourished Electronics and Computer science disciplines in their budding stages. Due to increased volume of the course of studies in the Electrical engineering branch, the electronics subjects first got themselves separated from it. With the growth in the volume of course contents a separate branch of Computer science was later introduced. However an electrical engineering student is taught in such a manner that he is able to shift his professional practice to any of the three branches.Apart from studying electrical machines, power plant, control systems and measuring Instruments a student in electrical engineering has to study electronics, microprocessors, communication engineering and computers. With the increasing population, the demand for electrical power is increasing day by day. An electrical engineer has a great scope of performance in the large thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants and power transmission systems. Apart from these, an electrical engineer may join in production firms, producing electrical machines and different electrical gadgets.