BIET Administration

Chairman's Message

Prof. (Dr.) G. C. Debnath
B.E.,M.C.E. (
J.U.), Ph. D. (Cal.), M.ISTE
F.I.S.E., F.I.G.S, F.I.E, C. Engr. (India)
Former Director of Technical Education

Govt. Of West Bengal

Chairman's Message

Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology, Suri, Birbhum was established about 18 years back not as a private Institute, but as a self-financing Govt. Aided Institute. The parent body “Indian Centre for Advancement of Research and Education” (ICARE) took active role for establishment as well as bring the Institute to this level.  At that time, I was Director of Technical Education, Govt. of West Bengal and provided necessary support and help to this Institute.
I wish Parents / Guardians of the students and Students themselves will contribute for further development of the Institute alongwith all others already involved and make it a centre of excellence in higher technical education in the state. I assure that teaching and supporting Staff and Members of Board of Governors as well as ICARE will try utmost to fulfil the objectives of the Institute.
 I sincerely convey thanks to all concerned.

                                  Prof. (Dr.) G. C. Debnath
                                  Chairman, Board of Governors
                                  Birbhum Institute of Engineering & Technology
                                   Suri, Birbhum